Milano, Viale Certosa 147
EPO is established as “Estratti Piante Officinali”.
The extracts produced in the GMP -​ certified
manufacturing department are used for pharmaceutical
applications or as flavors for drinks and spirits.


Milano, Via Stadera 19.
The manufacturing department is
​shifted from Viale Certosa to
V​ia Stadera, which is still the
registered office.


The Nicotra Family ​acquires 100%
of the company shares, starting a
renovation of the​ production
site​ and improving ​services.


Fizzonasco di Pieve Emanuele,
Via Norma Parenti 5
The opening of a ​new pharmaceutical
(GMP-certified) ​department together
with ​warehouses and offices.


All manufacturing departments are ga​thered​
in Fizzonasco, while the historical site of
Via Stadera 19 is entirely dedicated to QC
and R&D laboratories.


After years of research, the launch of the new “​DNA certified extracts”​ line;
this is the result of a collaboration with Bicocca University of Milan.