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Cinnamon Waste Material as Feedstock for the Microbial Production of Carotenoids
Good news for #circulareconomy! According to a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Cinnamon waste material could be used to produce carotenoids and high-value molecules for the food, feed, dye, and cosmetic sectors. We are proud to have collaborated in this research project. It is an important finding from a #sustainability perspective, because the valorization of residues allows for[...]
WEBINAR: Botanical extracts in pet food formulations - regulatory framework, benefits and trends
During the webinar we explored the latest trends in the pet food industry and learnt how COVID-19 made it more important than ever to support pet well-being through high-quality pet food formulations and botanical extracts. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE SLIDES and don’t forget to WATCH THE VIDEO! The webinar was divided in three parts, each with a specific topic. 1. Complementary feed for pets:[...]
Marshmallow: from tradition to science
click here to download the brochure
Join our webinar: Botanical extracts in pet food formulations
Do you work in the pet food industry and want to keep up to date with the latest trends? EPO Srl is pleased to announce a new webinar in collaboration with Saporiti Consulting. The webinar will focus on ‘Botanical extracts in pet food formulations: regulatory framework, benefits and trends’ and will be held on Wednesday 19th May at 11.30 AM CET.  Click here to register[...]
ENOTprost: from the raw material to the high-quality extract
What is it? ENOTprost is the new extract of Epilobium angustifolium L. standardized to contain 15% Oenothein B, one of the most active compounds of this plant! The botanical species is certified by the DNA barcoding analysis. Why should I use it? Its effects are prostate-specific: anti-inflammatory and antioxidant!  The inflammation and oxidative stress should be fought  and controlled as they are risk factors for the development and[...]
The potential efficacy of EPO’s botanical extracts on dermal toxicity due to jellyfish envenomation
Click here to download this paper (WILDERNESS & ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE 2020; 31(3): 266e72)
A new Sicilian pomegranate extract!
An incredible antioxidant and weight loss aid!   Click here to download the scientific article to learn more about its beneficial effects
Una preziosa collaborazione con UniNa
EPO srl collabora da anni con la Prof.ssa Maria Daglia, proponente e coordinatrice del Master di II Livello del Dipartimento di Farmacia dell’Università Federico II di Napoli “Prodotti nutraceutici: dalla ricerca e sviluppo al marketing”. Questa preziosa collaborazione, attraverso lo strumento del tirocinio curriculare, ha un duplice scopo: consente agli studenti di fare esperienze sul campo in una realtà produttiva all’avanguardia e all’azienda di mantenere[...]
EPO.MiO - un progetto innovativo per la salute del cavo orale e non solo!
EPO.MiO ​è l’acronimo di Estratti Piante Officinali per il Microbioma Orale. Questo progetto ha un focus particolare ed innovativo: nell’ambito di questo studio verranno valutati alcuni estratti vegetali per la salute del cavo orale con un impatto fisiologico sistemico​. ​Questa iniziativa è realizzata nell’ambito dell’asse prioritario I: Rafforzare la ricerca, lo sviluppo e l’innovazione​ Obiettivo: Investimenti in favore della crescita e dell’occupazione​ Azione I.1.b.1.1 –[...]
OMEOLIPID -for lipid metabolism
Omeolipid is an association of Artichoke (Cynara scolymus L.), Caihua (Cyclanthera pedata (L.) Schrad.) and Fenu greek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) that can be used in food supplements.   Omeolipid combines the traditions of three different countries: Artichoke is a Mediterranean plant; its cultivation in Europe dates back to ancient Greece and Rome. Its active substances (caffeoylquinic acids, flavonoids, sesquiterpene lactones) are concentrated in the leaf,[...]
Are you sure that you are using the right Cinnamon?
CINNAMON IS NOT ONLY A SPICE! Cinnamon is one of the oldest known herbs: obtained from an exotic tree, indigenous to Sri Lanka and Southwest India, it is mentioned in the Bible as well as in Sanskrit, Egyptian, Greek and Roman texts. Its inner bark, after drying and curling into rolls known as “sticks” or “quills”, is mainly used as a spice, especially in Christmas[...]
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