Thymus vulgaris Essential Oil and Hydro-Alcoholic Solutions to Counteract Wooden Artwork Microbial Colonization

The sustainable conservation of historic-artistic artifacts requires eco-compatible and non-toxic products, safe for both the environment and human health. In this study published on Applied Sciences, our Scientific Director Giovanna Nicotra and R&D Analyst Beatrice Bruno took part in a research on the use of Thymus vulgaris extract to counteract microbial colonization on wooden artwork.

Decay, bacteria, fungi, and insects represent a threat to the conservation of wood, which can be accomplished by natural means. In this case, Thymus vulgaris essential oil and hydroalcoholic solutions were applied on a wooden sculpture, part of the Sogo Bò collection at the Museo Internazionale delle Marionette “Pasqualino Noto” in Palermo.

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