Join our webinar: Botanical extracts in pet food formulations

Join our webinar: Botanical extracts in pet food formulations

Do you work in the pet food industry and want to keep up to date with the latest trends?

EPO Srl is pleased to announce a new webinar in collaboration with Saporiti Consulting. The webinar will focus on ‘Botanical extracts in pet food formulations: regulatory framework, benefits and trends’ and will be held on Wednesday 19th May at 11.30 AM CET. 

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During the webinar you will discover the latest trends in the pet food industry and learn how COVID-19 made it more important than ever to support pet well-being through high-quality pet food formulations and botanical extracts. The webinar will be divided into three parts, each with a specific topic. 


1. Complementary feed for pets: regulatory framework & formulation development

Speaker: Mattia Saporiti, Head of Regulatory Affairs and Formulation Development  – SAPORITI CONSULTING 

The development of a new product must take into account regulatory aspects in order to ensure compliance with the current European regulatory framework. The main regulations for the product’s manufacturing and labelling will be addressed, as well as the administration forms of interest for dogs and cats.


2. Immunity and inflammation: overview of dogs and cats applications

Speaker: Maddalena De’ Cillà, Head of Clinical Product Development – SAPORITI CONSULTING

Today events force us to focus more than ever on mechanisms of arising inflammation and immune response onset, which can make the difference in outcomes, and sometimes for survival. Aside from infectious diseases, common paraphysiological events, such as one related to aging, involve similar molecules and knowing the basics, we have surprising chances to succeed by correctly using the appropriate botanical extracts. 


3. EPO’s extracts: how to claim the high-quality ingredients

Speaker: Violetta Insolia, Product and Marketing Specialist EPO Srl

The range of EPO’s additives will be presented together with market insights. The goal is to highlight how the quality of ingredients can be claimed in the framework of key market rising trends. 


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